Anthony Mangione | Secretary/Treasurer (Membership Administrator)

Anthony Mangione is a retired Detective and former senior crime scene investigator with the Hamilton Police Division in Mercer County, New Jersey, with over 25 years of experience in the processing and examination of crimes scenes and forensic evidence.  During his career, Anthony has processed and reconstructed countless crime scenes involving all types of crimes ranging from criminal mischief to homicide.  Anthony has served in various positions within the division, giving him an expansive base of training and experience.  Anthony was responsible for the training of the division's crime scene technicians and contributed to the development of standard operating procedures relating to crime scene investigation, physical evidence management and the workflow and management of digital evidence.  Anthony was also responsible for the design, development and implementation of the Hamilton Police Division Crime Laboratory as well as the design and acquisition of the division's Mobile Crime Lab. 


Anthony has received over 1800 hours of training relating to Crime Scene Investigation and Forensics.  He has trained with forensic professionals from across North America and internationally.  Anthony is a recognized instructor in the field of crime scene investigation, having instructed police officers, detectives, crime scene investigators, forensic scientists, legal and medical professionals, and forensic science students on multiple forensic topics.  Anthony was a founding faculty member of the Northeast Crime Scene Institute in Somerset County, NJ having served as Chairman of the Education Committee, Staff Instructor and Program Coordinator. 


Throughout his entire career, Anthony has been committed to his own personal development, as well as his passion for the training of others in the field of crime scene investigation and reconstruction, bloodstain pattern analysis and forensic photography.  Anthony has made numerous contributions to his field of expertise in the development of training programs and performance evaluations and assessments in the field and in the laboratory, and current methods of practice and standard operating guidelines within the field of crime scene investigation.  Anthony considers his teaching experience to be just as beneficial to his learning experience as his own training.


Anthony has been a member of the IABPA since 2002 and has previously served as Eastern Regional Vice-President (Region IV) of the IABPA, Sergeant-At-Arms, and also served on the IABPA Certification Research Committee and the IABPA’s Ad-Hoc SWGSTAIN Document Review Committee.  Anthony is a member of the International Association for Identification and is also a Life Member of the New Jersey State Division of the IAI, having previously served on the NJIAI Executive Board.  Anthony is a member of the Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction where he currently serves on the Board of Directors.  Anthony is also an associate member of the New Jersey Association of Forensic Scientists.

Currently, Anthony is the Chief Forensic Analyst at DELTA Forensics, LLC in Hamilton, New Jersey, offering consultation, training and services in crime scene investigation/reconstruction and evidence examination, with specialization in the examination of shooting scenes and scenes of violent bloodshed - as well as fingerprint examination and forensic photography.  Anthony also offers criminal and civil case review and expert testimony.