Become a Member of the IABPA


There are four classes of membership within the IABPA for which to apply:

Member Type


Application Form

 Associate Member

A member who has NOT completed a forty-hour basic bloodstain pattern analysis course but who desires to become a member of the IABPA for general interests.


Membership Application

 Provisional Member

A member who has been recommended by a Full Member and who has completed a forty-hour basic bloodstain pattern analysis course (content defined by IABPA Education Committee guidelines which must include supervised, practical, laboratory based practical assignments).

Provisional/FULL Membership Application

Course Requirements.pdf

 Full Member

A member who has held the position of Provisional Member for a least one year and who has been recommended based upon efforts in the field of study of bloodstain pattern analysis.

Request for Promotion to Full Membership.PDF

Distinguished Member A member who has rendered significant service to the discipline or the Association and who has been awarded the designation by his or her peers. View current list of distinguished members

2017 IABPA Annual Membership Dues $40 US.                                                                               

After the Online Application is completed, continue through to the Online Payment process.  

Select your preferred payment method (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX,) 

If you payment will be submitted by mail, and/or your agency requires an Invoice to process a purchase order, you can download one here:  IABPA Dues Invoice.pdf


To mail fees in the form of Check or Purchase Order, completed the Online Application and choose "Cheque" as your payment method.  Mail your check or agency purchase order to:

IABPA Membership

P.O. Box 9930

Hamilton, NJ  08650


Upon submission of your application, it will be forwarded to the Membership Committee for review and processing and your name is added to a list of prospective Members and will be voted on at the next meeting.  

Once your membership is approved, you’ll be contacted by the Membership Chairman and you'll be issued a membership certificate.


Application Deadlines

The deadline for processing current year's applications and promotions is August 1st.

Notice to All Applicants and Existing Members

Please be advised that information contained in your membership application form is not confidential or privileged. Under appropriate circumstances it can be disseminated to the appropriate people and agencies.



*** The International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts does not provide proficiency certification. 

Membership in the IABPA does not constitute, on behalf of the Association, an attestation to the ability or proficiency of an individual member.