Distinguished Members of the IABPA

Dr. Michael Taylor

New Zealand


LeeAnn Singley

Duncannon, Pennsylvania


Paul Kish

Corning, NY, USA


Martin J. P. Eversdijk

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


T. Paulette Sutton

York, PA, USA


V. Thomas Bevel
Norman, OK, USA


Barton P. Epstein

Edina, MN, USA

Stuart H. James
Oakland Park, FL, USA


Norman H. Reeves
Tucson, AZ, USA


Tom 'Grif' Griffin

Greeley, CO, USA


Johnnie Earl Aycock
Texas Ranger (Ret.), Flat, TX, USA

S/Sgt. Daniel J. Rahn
RCMP, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Alfred L. Carter, Ph.D.
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Pat Laturnus
RCMP (Ret.), ON, Canada


Criteria for Distinguished Member Recognition

Persons, who have rendered significant service to the discipline or the Association or achieved special qualifications in the bloodstain evidence field, may be invited to become a Distinguished Member.  Advancement of an individual to Distinguished Membership shall be done by nomination of the individual by a Full Member in good standing or the Executive Board.  The nomination must be in writing and delivered to the President or the Secretary of the Association at least sixty days prior to any Annual Meeting.  The nomination shall then be forwarded to the Membership Committee for review and a recommendation.  The recommendation shall be voted on by voting members present at the next Annual Meeting of the Association in which a quorum is present.  Passage of the recommendation shall be by majority vote.  Not more than one person may be invited to Distinguished Membership in any calendar year.  Each Distinguished Member shall maintain his or her voting right as any other Full Member.  Distinguished Membership in this Association shall be a position held for life and all future membership dues shall be waived.


Nomination form for Distinguished Member Recognition available here .pdf