Norman Reeves | Secretary/Treasurer (Membership Administrator)


Following four years of attendance at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and courses at the University of Pennsylvania, Norman Reeves began his career as a uniformed law enforcement officer in New Jersey.  Unfortunately, Norman's law enforcement career was interrupted by an all expense paid tour of combat in Vietnam in 1967-1968.

Norman subsequently joined the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s office in 1974.  While at the Prosecutor’s office, Norman functioned as an undercover narcotics agent, homicide detective and a commercial, instrument, and multi-engine pilot.  Norman was also the Lieutenant of the Major Crimes Unit and subsequently the Captain and Deputy Chief of Detectives where he was responsible for the supervision of homicide investigations.

Norman's initial bloodspatter training occurred in 1975 and he has continued to pursue that field of endeavor to this day. Norman is a founding member of the IABPA and he was the first to testify in the area of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis in New Jersey in 1983.


Norman was a certified instructor in New Jersey and he has lectured many times regarding bloodstain pattern analysis and he has provided numerous testimonies in the New Jersey Courts.  He has also provided instruction of bloodstain pattern analysis in other jurisdictions.

Norman retired in 1991 and began consulting that resulted in examinations of bloodstains in numerous jurisdictions throughout the world and subsequent testimony.


Norman was the Editor of the IABPA Newsletter in 1987-1989 and has been Secretary/Treasurer of the IABPA since 1991. Norman was honored with the IABPA Distinguished Member status in 1996.


Norman has hosted three Conferences and the fourth will occur in Tucson, Arizona in 2012.