Philippe Esperanca | Vice President Region V (European)

Philippe began his career in forensics 28 years ago when he assisted with the development of the French Forensic Entomology Service during the creation of the French
Gendarmerie Forensic Lab.
Philippe retired from the Army in 2008 and developed the BPA Department in the largest French Genetic lab for 6 years before developing his own company providing BPA and Forensic expertise for
Magistrates and training for Police Services. Philippe developed the BPA procedures allowing the ISO 17020 accreditation in 2014.
Philippe became a member of the IABPA in 2000 and he has attended the IABPA Annual training conferences since Odessa – TX (2003) and the European conferences since the first one in Middelburg, 2006. Philippe often gives lectures about techniques enhancing the objectivity in the BPA process. He is also the chairman of the IABPA Translation Committee. Philippe is a certified instructor and has taught forensic and BPA related courses in France, Peru, Monte Carlo, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland for CSI, students and magistrates. Philippe was mandated to develop a BPA Working Group for the ENFSI, gathering the largest European Forensic Institutes. Philippe is also an IAI member and a regular guest of the OSAC BPA Validation Committee.

Philippe was a BPA French expert since 1999 and for the International Criminal Court since 2011. He was appointed as Forensic Expert for the French Supreme Court in 2014. Philippe has testified as an expert witness in French Superior Courts regarding bloodstain pattern analysis and latent bloodstain investigation. He has also testified in the California Superior Court.