2021 Annual Conference - Program

2021 IABPA Annual Conference
27 September - 1 October, 2021 


  • Dan Rahn Grant Presenters (2 Hours)  -  Lynne D. Herold / Grant Recipients
  • Insect Stain Interpretation with New IR data  -  Ben Fox
  • Morning Star case presentation  -  John Zakavec
  • Cast off Lecture  -  Daniel Attinger
  • BPA probability Ratios  -  Daniel Attinger
  • A suicide/homicide Case StudyGerard Shanae
  • BPA policy - Los Angeles  -  Sue Reinhart
  • Recognition of pattern evidence produced by adult Diptera following interactions with human blood  -  David Rivers, Ph.D.
  • Forward spatter and back spatter variance due to bullet configuration (Pre Recorded)  -  Rich Tewes
  • Conclusions in BPA (Pre Recorded)  -  Jeremy Morris
  • BPA and Increased Violence in Brazil (30-45 minutes)  -  Luan Carneiro
  • The Future of BPA with a Theoretical Study into Microgravity (30-45 minutes)  -  Zack Kowalske
  • Research presentation  -  Theresa Stotesbury


  • Presentation from IABPA generated Stains 3D scanning AOO  - Leica and FARO
  • Interpreting Bloodstains Post Fire (Live Burn Cell)  -  Dan Frazen/Rich Tewes
  • Cast Off workshop - Daniel Attenger
  • Voids, AOO measurement validation and Fabric Course - Tom “Grif” Griffin
  • IAI BPA Certification Prep (4 Hours)  -  Jeff Gurvis
  • Panel Discussion for articles/presentations that are misleading or detrimental to the BPA discipline  -  Holly Latham, Jeff Gurvis, Cele Rossi, Rich Tewes
  • *BPA Investigator Workshop (VIRTUAL) - Eugene Liscio  
            *If you plan to attend this virtual workshop, please see the prerequisites and special instructions below*
              This virtual workshop is available to individuals attending IN PERSON or REMOTELY and requires the use of a computer, internet connection, a pointing               device and audio.  It will be held on Thursday, September 30th at 08:00 - 12:00 Mountain Time (USA)   10:00 -14:00 Eastern Time(USA). 

*Prerequisites: Those willing to attend this workshop must register on the IABPA website (regardless of whether or not you are attending virtually or in person…registration is required in order to get access to the software).  An email will be sent to attendees a few days before the workshop so that they may create an account giving them free access to the BPA Investigator App. Attendees must have at a minimum, a computer (Mac or PC), a 3 button mouse, speakers, and a good internet connection.  Additional items such as a microphone may be helpful in the even that questions would like to be asked live.  Also, a second monitor is useful to watch the instructor on one monitor while running the software on another in parallel. Those attending the conference in person will need to bring their own laptops although there will be a few extra laptops available (first come first serve basis on the day of).  The workshop will be broadcast in the main conference room so that in-person attendees can watch the screen while working on their laptops.