BPA Training Standards

BPA Training Standards

Basic BPA Course Requirements

The IABPA Education Committee has established recommended guidelines for Basic BPA Course requirements.  These recommendations include course material as well as supervised, laboratory-based, practical exercises and assignments and other material which are essential for a BPA examiner.

A copy if the recommended course guidelines can be found here:

  Basic BPA Course Requirements_Rev. 2019


Eligibility for IABPA Membership

In order to qualify for Provisional Membership in the IABPA, an applicant must have completed a bloodstain pattern analysis course provided by an instructor whose course content meets the recommended requirements established by the IABPA Education Committee*.   Proof of attendance is required and must be uploaded when submitting an online membership application.  *Any inquiries regarding course content should be directed to the course aministrator or instructor.   For more details regarding IABPA membership, see our Membership Information page

A copy of the current list of instructors/courses meeting the IABPA's recommended guidelines can be found here:


  BPA Instructors/Course List_Oct-26-2023


    The listing of training courses on this website is provided by the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BLOODSTAIN PATTERN ANALYSTS (IABPA) as a courtesy to our membership and the BPA community.  The IABPA is not a certifying body and does not certify instructors nor training programs.   Furthermore, it is against the policy of the IABPA to endorse or recommend any particular training course or instructor.  As such, the listing of any training course within this website does not constitute an endorsement or a recommendation by the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BLOODSTAIN PATTERN ANALYSTS.