The following Committees and the Volunteers who serve on them are comprised of IABPA Members who have committed themselves to the successful accomplishment of our collective goals and objectives.  Having dedicated much time and effort in the performance of their tasks, they have contributed greatly to this organization. 

Committee members are appointed by the IABPA President.  All members in good standing may serve on a committee.  Only members with Full Membership privileges may Chair a committee.  Any member interested in serving on a particular committee may inquire with either their regional Vice President or the President.

For more information about IABPA committees, please follow the links below:

Standing Committees

Standing Committees are established in the IABPA bylaws and exist for the operation and administration of the association and to accomplish our objectives. 

Education Committee

The Education Committee carries out issues as directed by the IABPA Bylaws

  • Chair- Erin Sims
  • Holly Latham
  • Robert Hofstetter
  • Josita Limborgh

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee carries out ethics issues as directed by the IABPA Bylaws

  • Chair- Rich Tewes
  • Rob Jones
  • Gillian Leak
  • Matt Noedel
  • Colin Hoare

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee carries out membership issues as directed by the IABPA Bylaws

  • Chair - Anthony Mangione
  • Susan Rinehart
  • Lisa Perry
  • Jeff Gurvis
  • Mark Lancaster
  • Celine Nicloux
  • Gregory Moon

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee consists of associate editors of the Journal of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis. The committee is responsible for the continuous recording of information concerning our organization and the discipline of BPA. The associate editors are responsible for the peer review of articles submitted to the Journal for possible publication. They also research current literature for abstracts of BPA articles as well as new ideas for the Journal

  • Editor - Celestina Rossi
  • Alison Gingras
  • Jeff Gurvis

Special Committees

When the necessity arises, Special Committees are established and appointed by the IABPA President.  Special Committees are most often established to perform a temporary function related to a special project or to achieve a particular goal.

Bylaws Review Committee

The Bylaws Review Committee is  tasked with ensuring the IABPA bylaws are maintained up-to-date and relevant.

  • Chair - Jeff Gurvis 
  • Amy Santoro
  • Zack Kowalske

Rahn Research Grant Committee

The Dan Rahn Research Grant Committee will receive applications from the Secretary/Treasurer, review them, and make recommendations to the Board

  • Chair- Lynne D. Herold, PhD., Senior Criminalist
  • Silke M.C. Brodbeck, MD, Ph.D.
  • Martin Eversdijk
  • T. Paulette Sutton, MS, MT (ASCP)
  • Brian Yamashita, Ph.D., Research Scientist

Translation Committee

The Translation Committee will ensure that an accurate, true, and acceptable translation of the BPA glossary and definitions will be created for the various languages

  • Chair- Phillipe Esperanca
  • Sabine Hess
  • Silke Brodbeck
  • Céline Nicloux
  • Andrea Berti

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