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Journal of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis 

The Journal of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis is the official publication of the International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts and is published quarterly.

The Journal of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis is committed to the dissemination of information relevant to the Association, its members, and the discipline of bloodstain pattern analysis.*  

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March 2023

(Volume 38, No. 1)


December 2022

(Volume 37, No. 4)

September 2022

(Volume 37, No. 3)

June 2022

(Volume 37, No. 2)

March 2022

(Volume 37, No. 1)


December 2021

(Volume 36, No. 4)

The December 2021 issue contains the following content:

  • Abstracts for presentations and workshops at the 2021 conference
  • Education Committee update
  • Translation committee update
  • Book review
  • Update from the IAI BPA certification board
  • Update from the BPA subcommittee of OSAC
  • Upcoming BPA training courses
  • Online resources
  • Recently published BPA related articles
  • BPA related standards

September 2021

(Volume 36, No. 3)

The September issue contains the following content:

  • Two requests for assistance
  • Research article - A preliminary investigation into the influence of case information and surface

material effects on the judgments of forensic science undergraduate students

within the discipline of bloodstain pattern analysis

June 2021

(Volume 36, No. 2)

March 2021

(Volume 36, No. 1)

Elected Officers and Committees

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Association Bylaws

Code of Ethics

Past Presidents and Distinguished Members

Training in North America, Europe, and Oceanic-Asia

Online Resources

Translations of Bloodstain Terms

Recently published BPA articles

Published Standards for BPA


 President's Message
In Memoriam - Tony Raymond
In Memoriam - Michael Taylor
Information on the Virtual Training Conference
Training Opportunities, online resources, relevant standards, and recently published BPA articles
Review of ASB Report Writing Standard

 President's Message
Information on the Annual Training Conference in Greeley, CO
Training Opportunities, online resources, relevant standards, and recently published BPA articles
Review of ASB Training and Education Standard

 President's Message
Information on the Annual Training Conference in Greeley, CO
OSAC BPA subcommittee update
 Application information, Rahn grant application, Bylaws, Code of Ethics, Enforcement Policy
Past Presidents and Distinguished Members
Training Opportunities, online resources, relevant standards, and recently published BPA articles

Abstracts from the 2019 Training Conference in Chicago
Updates from the Education and Translation Committees
Updates from the IAI BPA Certification Board and the ENFSI BPA group
Training opportunities and recently published articles
Partial list of published standards relevant to BPA

Information for the Training Conference in Chicago including abstracts of presentations and workshops
Abstracts of presentations and workshops which were given at the 2019 European Conference in Paris
An article about unusual bloodstain patterns found at two difference scenes
A new page containing a partial list of published standards relevant to BPA

President's Message
Call for participants for a black box study
Guest editorial on lessons learned from the Michael Peterson case
Information on the fall 2019 annual conference
Milestones for BPA in South America and Korea
Training and recently published articles

 President's Message
In Memoriam - Norm Reeves
IABPA Response to the ProPublica series
 Information on the European IABPA conference in Paris
Information on the Annual Training Conference in Chicago
 Application information, Rahn grant application, Bylaws, Code of Ethics, Enforcement Policy
Past Presidents and Distinguished Members
Training Opportunities, online resources and recently published BPA articles


 - President's Message
- Abstracts of Presentations and Workshops given at the 2017 IABPA Training Conference in Redondo Beach, California
- Special acknowledgment to Norman H. Reeves for his service and recent retirement as Secretary/Treasurer
-Training Opportunities 

March 2017


June 2017

Article: 'A Survey of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts - Who we are, what we believe and what we do'

- The Effects of Dyes on the Near-Infrared Detection of Bloodstains on Dyed Apparel Fabrics
- Consideration for the Assessment of Bloodstains on Fabrics
- 3D Bloodstain Pattern Analysis on Complex Surfaces using the FARO Focus Laser Scanner
- Abstracts of the Presentations and Workshops given and the 2016 Training Conference

June 2016
- Not published due to no article submissions

- Bloodstain Pattern Analysis in Snow - Examination of Bloodstain Patterns in Icy, Soft Powder Snow Conditions


- A Preliminary Validation of the Use of 3D Scanning for Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
- Abstracts of Presentations and Workshops Given at the 2015 IABPA Training Conference in Fort Worth, Texas

- A Commentary on Synthetic Blood Substitute Research and Development
- Contextual Bias: What Bloodstain Pattern Analysts Need to Know

- The Use of Tinks Starlight(R) Bloodhound Trailing Aid Luminol Preparation to Determine the Detection
and Persistence of Blood at an Outdoor Crime Scene

- BPA Highlights and Abstracts from the 2014 ANZFSS
22nd Annual International Symposium on the Forensic Sciences

- Abstracts of Presentation from The Fifth European IABPA Conference in Rome, Italy, 2015


 December 2014
- Proceedings of the 2014 Annual Training Conference, Portland, Maine

- Research Article - The Effect of four Latent Blood Visualization Products on DNA

- The Reliability of Current Methods of Sequencing Bloodstain Patterns


- Abstracts of Papers and Workshops Presented at the 2013 IABPA Training Conference

- The 2012 Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society (ANZFSS) Symposium
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Presentation Abstract

- 2013 IABPA Executive Board Introductions

- Technical Article - The Development and Construction of a Motorized Blood Droplet Generation Device (BDGD)
for Detailed Analysis of Blood Droplet Dynamics


- Technical Article - Using Infrared Photography to Document Clothing Evidence in the Reconstruction of a Homicide
- Abstracts of Papers, Workshops and Posters Presented at the Fourth International IABPA Conference
in Edinburgh, Scotland, November 12-14, 2012

- Annual General Meeting Minutes

- Medical and Forensic Aspects of Blood Clot Formation in the Presence of Saliva- A Preliminary Study
- An Interesting Bloodstain
- Presentation Abstract from the Annual Training Conference in Tucson, Arizona

June 2012
- Arterial Bloodstain Patterns on Clothing - Case Study
-The Development of a Passive, Closed-System Pig Blood Collection Apparatus for Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
Research and Crime Scene Reconstruction

March 2012
- Executive, Awards, Conference and Training submissions only


December 2011
- The Latex Lifting Method for the Recovery of Blood, DNA and Dermal Ridge Evidence in Arson Cases
- The IABPA Code of Ethics
- Presentation Abstracts from the 2011 Annual IABPA Training Conference, Milwaukee, WI
- SWGSTAIN Document Review Report

September 2011
- Calculating the Area of Origin of Spattered Blood on Curved Surfaces
- Computer Analysis of Bloodstain Patterns on Angled Surfaces
- A Simple and Quick Method of Making Sketches Using Adobe Photoshop
- An Amusing Method for Covering Bloodstains

June 2011
- Alternative Resources for BPA
 - Committee Reports
- Draft Version of Ethics Enforcement Policy
- Awards and Recognition Policy

March 2011
- Introduction of 2011 Executive Officers
- IABPA Code of Ethics Discussion Paper
- Visualizing Bloodstain Patterns on Dark/Multi-Colored Clothing using Luminol and Adobe Photoshop
- Evaluation of Celestron Microscope for BPA 


December 2010
- BPA Part 1 - Training and Educational Materials
- Exploring the Relationship between
Finger/Palm Prints and Blood
- 2010 Presentation Abstracts and General Meeting Minutes

September 2010
- Korea's Approach to BPA Training
- Presentation Abstracts from the 2010 BPA Symposium

June 2010
- Highlights from the third European IABPA Training Conference in Lisbon, Portugal
- Unusual Bloodstains in an Extremely Cold Outdoor Environment
- Unusual Bloodstain Pattern on a Knife
- BPA in Turkey
- On-Line Certification Survey

March 2010
- Research Article - Evaluation of Blood Deposition on Fabric:
Distinguishing Spatter and Transfer Stains
- Evaluation of the Celestron Digital Microscope
- Court Decision: Determining the Age of Bloodstains
- References for Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
- State of Wisconsin 2009 Assembly Bill 627:  Digital Photograph


December 2009
- Research Article - Evaluation of Blood Saturation as a Mechanism of Change in Stabbing Defects in Clothing
- 2009 Training Conference Presentation Abstracts
- Annual Business Meeting Minutes
- Proposed IABPA Advanced 40 Hour Course Outline

September 2009
- Cohesion, Wettability, and Blood Drops that Land on a Smooth, Hard Surface
- Second BPA Symposium (MFRC)
- An Interesting Bloodstain Pattern

June 2009
- First Issue of the IABPA NEWS
- New Host Agency for SWGSTAIN
- Thoughts of Herbert Leon MacDonell
- Second Nordic BPA Meeting in Iceland
- An Interesting BPA Pattern

March 2009
- The Identification and Significance of Hemospheres
 in Crime Scene Investigation
- Guide to Capturing Photographs of Bloodstains for 3D Measurement
- An Expiratory Bloodstain Pattern Due to Medical Intervention


December 2008
- Comparison of the Luminol and BlueStar Reagents in Detecting Blood in Soil Nearly Four Years After Deposition
- Research Project into the Error Rates Associated with BPA
- Photos and Presentation Abstracts from the 2008 Training Conference
- Annual General Meeting Minutes

September 2008
- Highlights and Presentation Abstracts from the European Training Conference

June 2008
- High Speed Digital Analysis of Bloodstain Pattern Formation from Common Bloodletting Mechanisms
- SWGSTAIN Draft Document:
"Recommended BPA Terminology"
- Proposed Changes to IABPA Bylaws

March 2008
- Case Report - Bloodstains of Gettysburg (The use of Chemiluminescent Blood Reagents)
- SWGSTAIN Documents:
Guidelines for Minimum Training
Guidelines for Quality Assurance
Admissibility Hearing Topics


December 2007
- Highlights and Presentation Abstracts from the 2007 Annual Training Conference
- 2007 Annual General Meeting Minutes

September 2007
- The Tangent Method and Spreadsheets - Determining Point or Area of Origin in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
- Design and Construction of a Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Laboratory
- Literature Search for the Distance that Back Spatter Travels

June 2007
- Reflections upon Arteries and Veins - A Plea for "Spurt Patterns"

March 2007
- Bloodstain Photography
- Research Article - Detecting Blood Patterns in Soil with Luminol Two Years after Deposition
- IABPA BPA Basic Course Requirements


December 2006
- Highlights of the 2006 IABPA Training Conference, Corning, NY
- Annual Business Meeting Minutes

September 2006
- Research Article: The Use of Luminol to Detect Blood in Soil One Year after Deposition
-Research Article: Differentiating High Velocity Blood Spatter Patterns, Expirated Bloodstains and Insect Activity
- An Update of the Activities of the 
Scientific Working Group on Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (SWGSTAIN) : Spring 2006
- Case Study - Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation
- Abstracts of Recent BPA Articles Published in Scientific Literature

June 2006
- Technical Note: The Detection of Salivary Amylase in Expirated Blood Patterns
- Technical Article: Disposable Mannequins - An Alternative for Clothing Examinations
- Case Report: Post Mortem Bloodshed Caused by Body Position and Lividity
- Research Article: Preliminary Evaluation of Spatter Head aka Bludgeon Head to Demonstrate Impact Spatter as a Result of Beating Mechanism
- "An Unusual Bloodstain Pattern"
- BPA Related Abstracts from the 18th International Symposium on the Forensic Sciences
Freemantle, West Australia

March 2006
- Research Article: Another Treatment of
Three-Dimensional BPA
- Research Article: Experimental Detection of Blood Under Painted Surfaces
- Proceedings of the First European IABPA Conference


December 2005
- Enhancement of Bloodstain on Washed Clothing Using Luminol and LCV Reagents
- Use of and Limitations of Luminol in BPA
- Science in BPA
- First European IABPA Training Conference Information
- Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 2005 IABPA Conference
- Minutes of the 2005 General Meeting
- Abstracts of Recent BPA Articles Published in Scientific Literature

September 2005
- BPA and Region VI (Australia)
- Research Article: The Relationship Between Errors in Ellipse Fitting and Impact Angle Calculations
- Research Article: Validation of BackTrackTM Computer Program
- Results of IABPA Proficiency Testing
- Abstracts of Recent BPA Articles in Scientific Literature

June 2005
 -Technical Article: Creating Luminol Photographs with Digital Imaging
- Case Report: Correlating Injuries and Bloodstains at a Scene
- Proposed Bylaw and Constitution Change

 March 2005
- Research Article: Casting Two-Dimensional Bloody Shoe Prints from Concrete, Fabric and Human Skin
- Case Report: Blood, Fire and Water


December 2004
- Presentation Abstracts from the 2004 Training Conference
- Canada/Guatemala and the RCMP - An Evolution of Cooperation in Forensic Training
- Annual Business Meeting Minutes

September 2004
- Case Report: Chronic Venous Insufficiency Syndrome
- Scandinavian Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Conference
- Research article: Another Confusing Bloodstain Pattern
- Bloodstain Pattern Analysis in the News
- IABPA Bloodstain Pattern Proficiency Testing Survey

JUNE 2004
- Research Article: The ABAcard Hematrace(R) - A Confirmatory Identification
of Human Bloods Located at Crime Scenes
- Proposed Changes for Constitution and Bylaws, March 2004
- Abstracts of Presentations Given at the 2003 IABPA Annual Training Conference
- SWGSTAIN Survey, December 2003
- 2003 Annual Meeting Minutes


December 2003
- Bloodstain on Fabrics: The Effects of Droplet Velocity and Fabric Composition

JUNE 2003
- 2003 IABPA Committees
- A National Survey of Police Exposure to Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, March 2003

March 2003
- Determination of Impact Angle Using Mathematical Properties of the Ellipse


September 2002
- A Laser Angle Gauge for use in Stringing Bloodstain Patterns

 June 2002
- Extreme Temperature Effect on Bloodstain Pattern Analysis


September 2001
 -  Supplement Technical Article: Creating a Bloodstain Pattern Generator
- Letters to the Editor: Response to Fischer Letter - June 2001

June 2001
- Constitution and Bylaws of the IABPA
- Letter to the Editor: Velocity Problems and Pressure Differentials in the Formation of Bloodstains

March 2001
- 2000 Annual Meeting Minutes
- IABPA Appointed Committees
- Newsletter Publication Guidelines
- Basic Course Guidelines


June / September 2000
An Advocate's Approach to Bloodstain Analysis Evidence:
Parts I and II

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