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ASB - Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Consensus Body

The Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Consensus Body focuses on standards and guidelines related to the scientific detection and analysis of bloodstain patterns present at crime scenes and on associated evidence.

Current Members:  Jeff Gurvis (Chair),  Alison Gringas, Rebecca Hooks, Paul Kish, Holly Latham, Kenneth F. Martin, John Paolucci, Jennifer Presig, Casson Reynolds, Donald R. Schuessler, Jason Simser, Karen Smith, Peter Valentin, Amy Watroba, Toby Wolson.

The following published documents are available for download from the AAFS Standards Board*.  Please click the title to download the PDF file. 

ANSI/ASB Standard 030, Standard for a Quality Assurance Program in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, First Edition, 2019
This document provides requirements for establishing and maintaining a documented quality assurance program in bloodstain pattern analysis to forensic service providers. A quality assurance program is necessary to ensure the quality of the work product that comes from any forensic service provider.

ANSI/ASB Standard 031, Standard for Report Writing in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, First Edition, 2020
This document provides guidelines for report writing in bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA). In addition, guidance is provided regarding statements to be avoided in the report.

ANSI/ASB Standard 032, Standards for a Bloodstain Pattern Analyst‘s Training Program, First Edition, 2020
This document provides minimum pre-training educational requirements for an individual currently in, or entering into, a bloodstain pattern analyst training program and the minimum training requirements that a trainee must successfully complete prior to practicing as a bloodstain pattern analyst.

ASB Technical Report 033, Terms and Definitions in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, First Edition, 2017
A list of recommended terms and definitions for bloodstain pattern analysis is presented. These terms and definitions address basic bloodstain pattern types and related concepts.

ANSI/ASB Standard 072, Standard for the Validation of Procedures in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, First Edition, 2019
This document applies to the validation of procedures for bloodstain pattern analysis casework and new equipment. It also applies to the internal validation of established procedures existing within the BPA community when such procedures are being used for the first time within an agency.