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The deadline for submitting an application for membership
for the current year is August 1st

After verifying the level of membership for which you qualify, proceed to the bottom of this page to submit a application for membership.  


There are three types of IABPA Membership for which to apply:





 Associate Member

A member who has not completed a basic Bloodstain Pattern Analysis 
course but who is interested in receiving training and/or education,
either to learn or develop skills to assist in the performance of their
duties or for general interest.

 Provisional Member

A member who has been recommended by a Full Member in good standing
and who has completed a 40-hour basic Bloodstain Pattern Analysis course
that meets the recommended guidelines established by the IABPA Education
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 Full Member 

A member who has held the position of Provisional Member for at least one year,
and, has been recommended by a member in good standing, based upon training,
work experience, professional reference or contributions in the field of study of
bloodstain pattern analysis.

 Distinguished Member

 The Michael J. Taylor Distinguished Member Award is awarded to a member who has
rendered significant service to the science of BPA and/or the Association and has been
nominated by his or her peers to receive the award. 

*Distinguished Membership status is obtained by nomination by an IABPA Full Member in good standing.

Visit our Distinguished Member page


IABPA Annual Membership Dues:  $40 USD

After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation by email.  The status of your membership will be shown as "Pending" until your membership receives final approval from the IABPA member body.  The approval is granted from the member body by a vote which takes place at our annual Business Meeting which is held each year at our Annual Conference.  

Upon approval by the membership, you will be contacted by email and issued a Member ID number and login credentials to access the Member Area of our website.  From there, you can start to enjoy all the benefits of IABPA Membership.   
Please be advised that an application for Associate Membership or Provisional Membership may be denied at the discretion of the Membership Committee and the Executive Board with no reason given.  
Such a denial is final and is not subject to appeal.

An initial membership dues payment of $40 USD is due when submitting an application.*  
*Membership fees are not refundable

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